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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Mission, TX

Even if you brush your teeth every day, the truth is that most people will need to fill a tooth at least once in their life. Naturally, teeth wear down and can get cavities over time. If this happens, tooth-colored dental fillings are the best treatment for minor tooth decay and damage.

Clover Hills Dentistry proudly serves the Mission, TX, area with quality dental services. Dr. Alexander Ochoa Falla and Dr. Jo-Ann Collantes provide general dental care to children, adults, and families, helping to maintain oral health and fill teeth with biocompatible, natural-looking materials. Our team is passionate about providing the highest level of care for all our patients, ensuring you receive the best service every time.

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We’re lucky to serve adults and children.

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Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings play a vital role in maintaining dental hygiene and health. Once a tooth has been damaged by decay, it’s essential to rebuild the affected areas of the tooth with dental fillings to restore their original shape, strength, and function. With composite fillings, you also benefit from improved aesthetics. Moreover, composite materials can restore a natural, beautiful smile. Additionally, dental fillings act as a protective coating around the vulnerable tooth area, preventing further decay and damage. Therefore, a dental filling is an effective solution for dental issues that can save time, money, and much frustration in the long run!

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Expect Caring and Compassionate Care

Delivering dental care with empathy and kindness is vital to patients of all ages. Once you sit in one of our comfortable dental chairs, here’s what one can expect:


If necessary, our dental team will numb the area with anesthetic and provide dental sedation to ease nerves. Then, Dr. Ochoa or Dr. Collantes will remove any damaged or decayed areas of the tooth and clean it.


The tooth-colored filling material is applied directly to the tooth and bonded with light to protect and seal the tooth. If necessary, the dentist will smooth away any rough edges and polish the tooth for a more cohesive appearance.

Serving Mission, TX: Clover Hills Dentistry is a Quality Dental Care Experience for the Whole Family

At Clover Hills Dentistry, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our team is committed to providing quality care in a supportive and comfortable environment so that you can feel at ease during your visit. Are you due for a dental appointment? Don’t delay! Call 956-997-9799 or send us a short message online to schedule an appointment at Clover Hills Dentistry.

We take the time to listen to our patients and answer their questions. Do you have any questions about tooth fillings for children, teens, and adults? Please write them down and ask them at your next dental appointment—or feel free to read through our frequently asked questions:

From start to finish, a smaller filling can take about 30 minutes to complete. Multiple cavities take longer to fill, and your dentist can give you a direct timing estimate at your initial appointment.

The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that composite fillings are not likely to cause health problems, and the mercury in amalgam fillings is not a public health concern. Overall, dental fillings are considered safe by industry experts.

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