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Night Guards and Mouthguards

Nightguards and Mouthguards in Mission, TX

Sports and habitually grinding your teeth at night place your teeth at risk for fractures, chipping, and other oral health issues. If you’re an athlete or suffer from bruxism, we suggest investing in a nightguard or mouthguard to protect your teeth from potential trauma effectively.

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Nightguard vs. Mouthguard: What’s the difference?

Patients regularly confuse nightguards with mouthguards, so what’s the difference? A nightguard is used at night for people who suffer from a condition known as bruxism (or teeth grinding). A custom dental mouthguard is designed to be worn during sports because it can help prevent impact injuries. Overall, nightguards are placed in the mouth before bed, and athletic dental mouthguards are worn during sports.

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Benefits of Nightguards

Do you wake up with jaw pain or headaches? Many people don’t realize that they suffer from bruxism until their general dentist notices signs of eroded enamel during dental exams. Some other signs of bruxism include teeth sensitivity, sore or tight jaw muscles, and sleep disruption.

Dental nightguards provide some additional cushioning during teeth-grinding episodes. Theoretically, wearers can expect their bruxism symptoms to diminish when they habitually wear a sleep mouth guard.

Benefits of Custom-Made Mouthguards

For some sports, like football or hockey, mouthguards are integral to the uniform. Coaches and parents of contact sports know that wearing mouthguards can help prevent a knocked-out tooth or severe concussion. Still, mouthguards can be worn in non-contact sports where there’s still the risk of facial injury. Generally, preventing a dental health problem (rather than treating it) is better. So, this is why your dentist might suggest a dental mouthguard for an athlete of any age.

Expect Caring and Compassionate Care

Delivering dental care with empathy and kindness is vital to patients of all ages. Once you step into the dental operatory, here’s what one can expect:


Both nightguards and athletic mouthguards are devices used to prevent further dental damage. Whether you’re an adult, teen, or child, our dentist will ask if you play sports regularly to see if you should be fitted for a custom mouthguard.

Also, they will look for signs of bruxism, which include worn-down enamel and receding gums, to see if a sleep mouth guard could help improve your quality of life.


Before creating a custom-made mouthguard or nightguard, we must take impressions of your smile.

Lab Creation:

After capturing impressions of your dentition, we send their information to our reliable dental laboratory for manufacture.


Eventually, your custom mouthguards and dental guards will return to our Mission dental office. At this time, we will call you back in for a final fitting and make adjustments (if needed).

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