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How Invisalign Can Help You Achieve the Perfect Smile

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If you want to straighten your teeth without the hassle of tightening wires, snapping elastic bands, and bulky brackets, then Invisalign® is an excellent option. At their dental office in Mission, TX, Dr. Alexander Ochoa Fall and Dr. Jo-Ann Collantes offer Invisalign treatment for patients who want a subtler, more comfortable alternative to standard metal braces. Find out if you qualify by booking a consultation at Clover Hills Dentistry.

From our experience, patients ask us questions about specific issues that Invisalign can correct. In response, we’ve composed this list of frequently asked questions and answered in detail which alignment problems Invisalign is capable of addressing:

Can Invisalign correct crowding?

Crowded teeth can be caused by abnormally shaped teeth, early tooth loss, and other factors—but it’s not just an aesthetic issue. Crowded teeth are more challenging to clean and are infamous for trapping plaque, tartar, and food debris. Consequently, improper oral hygiene can lead to cavities, inflammation, gum recession, and eventual bone and tooth loss.

If you suffer from mild to moderate crowding, Invisalign can correct this issue. Still, schedule an appointment with your dentist just to be safe.

Can clear aligners close gaps?

Undersized teeth, oversized jaws, missing teeth, or a combination of these conditions can lead to spaces between teeth. While some find gaps charming or cute, the American Association of Orthodontists cites that too much space between teeth can disparage dental health. A major consequence of not addressing a gap is that food can get stuck in open areas, potentially leading to tooth decay and gum disease. The good news is that Invisalign can close gaps.

Can Invisalign improve your jawline?

You might be surprised to discover that orthodontic treatment not only improves how your teeth fit together but, to some degree, orthodontic forces can move and change the jaw. With advances in this system, our dentists can apply attachments and rubber bands alongside Invisalign treatment to shift the teeth, bite, and jaw to the optimal position.

Can clear aligners fix your bite?

Do you suffer from an overbite (buck teeth), underbite, or crossbite? If your lower and upper teeth do not fit perfectly together, you might run into unfortunate social situations and health issues. A bad bite (malocclusion) can interfere with the way you speak and chew your food. Furthermore, malocclusion can cause long-term damage to your teeth, gums, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Since the body is interconnected, you may experience stiffness and discomfort in other parts of the body, like headaches, neck pains, backaches, and shoulder pains.

Bite correction is a leading reason people invest in orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. Starting orthodontic treatment could be a way to address problems throughout the body.

Begin the First Step to a More Confident Smile

The first step in gaining a more confident smile is booking an Invisalign consultation with your dentist. Optimize your oral health, and schedule an appointment at Clover Hills Dentistry in Mission, TX, by calling 956-997-9799 or sending a brief message to Dr. Ochoa and Dr. Collantes.

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