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Pulp Therapy

Pulp Therapy in Mission, TX

Has your child recently complained about sensitive teeth or gums? Do they struggle to fall asleep at night because of a severe toothache? These signs could indicate that the inside of their tooth has sustained an injury or cavity and must undergo pulp therapy as soon as possible.

Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, premature tooth loss can harm your child’s dental health. At Clover Hills Dentistry in Mission, TX, Dr. Alexander Ochoa Falla performs pulp therapy when the tissue inside a tooth is injured or decayed, but the overall tooth can be saved.

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We're lucky to have the skills and training to save baby teeth.

Benefits of Pulp Therapy for Baby Teeth

Pulp therapy aims to preserve natural baby teeth and alignment. When Dr. Ochoa saves a tooth from extraction, he can avoid crowding, misalignment, and other consequences of premature removal. Moreover, pulp therapy helps ensure that the infected or damaged primary tooth falls out naturally and on its own time so that the underlying adult tooth has enough space to emerge straight and without complications. Even though pulp therapy does change the physical structure of a child’s tooth, it will be hard to tell after they receive a dental filling or tooth cap. In most cases, saving a tooth with pulp therapy (if possible) is better than extracting it.

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Expect Caring and Compassionate Care

While your child undergoes pulp therapy, Dr. Ochoa and his team will do what they can to ensure that your kid feels comfortable, calm, and confident during their procedure:

Local Anesthetic & Sedation Dentistry

The Clover Hills Dentistry team aims for pain-free dentistry. So, Dr. Ochoa will apply local anesthesia to ensure your child doesn’t feel discomfort when we work on their smile.

If necessary, Dr. Ochoa can also provide age-appropriate sedation dentistry options to help them keep cool during endodontic treatment.

Tooth Preparation

After your child has been situated and prepared, Dr. Ochoa will carefully access the tooth’s inner layers and remove unhealthy tissue. If needed, he will refill the tooth with a biocompatible material to add structure to the inside of the tooth.

Dental Restoration

After preparing and cleaning the tooth, Dr. Ochoa can fill the tooth or place a dental crown to ensure the tooth looks and feels more balanced.

Serving Mission, TX: Clover Hills Dentistry is a Quality Dental Care Experience for the Whole Family

Pulp therapy is a safe treatment option for kids and can prevent the need for tooth removal after decay or damage. Call 956-997-9799 or send Clover Hills Dentistry a short message online if your child needs pulp therapy under the direct supervision of our knowledgeable Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist.

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