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Young Children

Dentistry During Early Childhood in Mission, TX

Regarding young children, nothing is more important than their health and well-being. At Clover Hills Dentistry in Mission, TX, Dr. Alexander Ochoa Falla specializes in treating patients aged 6 to 11 and the remarkable milestones of this childhood era.

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Common Dental Health Topics for Young Children

When it comes to dental care for kids, there are age-specific challenges that make early childhood dental visits unique, including:

Dental Hygiene & Education

Does your kid whine about brushing or flossing their teeth? As parents and providers, we play an essential role in teaching children how adequate dental hygiene impacts health and self-esteem. Although Dr. Ochoa’s pediatric dentistry team instructs kids on how to take care of their teeth, it’s up to parents to reinforce this instruction at home.

Tooth Loss & Growth

Is it time for a tooth fairy visit? Starting around age 6, your child will begin to lose their baby teeth (which will soon be replaced with emerging permanent teeth). During this time, you might notice that their adult teeth appear slightly darker than their baby teeth. But don’t worry. This is perfectly natural because permanent teeth have a thicker second layer of dentin and a more translucent outer enamel.


Dr. Ochoa sees cavities in kids every day because tooth decay is the leading chronic childhood disease. Bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings can help keep cavities at bay (and at the very least managed).

Conversely, untreated cavities can lead to infection and discomfort, which can be distressing to a child, make it difficult to concentrate in school, and cause a host of other health and social issues.


As the adage goes, “You are what you eat.” A balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, protein, and calcium-rich foods (low in sugar and starches) helps kids grow happy, healthy smiles.

Early Orthodontic Screening & Space Maintenance

Even if your child’s smile seems straight, Dr. Ochoa recommends an early orthodontic screening by age 7. Although this might seem a little soon, most orthodontic treatments start several years later. This early screening helps Dr. Ochoa anticipate and correct improper teeth and jaw positions before they can cause serious problems.

Did your kid lose their tooth a little too early? If so, space maintainers can help ensure their remaining teeth do not overcompensate and misalign.

Expect Caring and Compassionate Care

At Clover Hills Dentistry, our experienced pediatric dentist has seen it all. But the good news is that Dr. Ochoa’s team has the specialized training and technology to treat young children’s dental problems to protect their adorable little smiles. Some dental services that we offer to younger children include:

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Dr. Ochoa can monitor and treat your little one

Serving Mission, TX: Clover Hills Dentistry is a Quality Dental Care Experience for the Whole Family

At Clover Hills Dentistry, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our team is committed to providing quality care in a supportive and comfortable environment so your elementary-aged kid can feel at ease during their visit. Is your child due for a dental visit? Don’t delay! Call 956-997-9799 or send us a short message online to schedule an young children’s dentistry appointment at Clover Hills Dentistry in Mission, TX.

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